Welcome to ATS® ATX style! We are very glad to have you join us. Our troupe strives to bring you authentic Old School ATS® as well as give you a sense of accomplishment, fun and joy in the company of non-competitive peers. Our classes are intended for the self improvement hobbyist as well as those looking to form troupes of their own. In other words, we do not pressure you. We encourage you. All body types, lifestyles and ages welcome!*

Our permanent instructors are ATS® General Skills certified, which means we are certified by Carolena Nericcio, creatrix of ATS® bellydance and director of FatChanceBellyDance®, to teach. We teach the moves as they are presented on the DVDs. No modifications.** 

Our latest class adventure is a mixed level class split into two groups. One group concentrates on the core of the moves and the other group concentrates on the advanced forms. You may participate in either group and you may switch with grace and humility at any time during the class. Some of the techniques will be taught by submersion. Others will have specific direction and instruction. We perform the Gratitude Blessing at the beginning of each class so just follow along or watch. Bring water, dance shoes if that's your thing, a hip scarf, yoga attire and your class fee. We do have 10 Classes for $100 (Anytime Use) for those of you who are ready to commit. Otherwise, classes are $15/class, cash only. 

- Mixed Level ATS® Class Wednesdays, starting 09.06.17 (Instructor: Andrea)

- If you are visiting Austin, TX and are an ATS® dance sister, please feel free to contact us so we can set up some studio time!

*Our classes are unique in that they are boutique in nature. We have small classes so you get the attention you need. We serve those who are interested in dancing to improve their quality of life and to find others who support them in positive ways. We create an environment in which you can let go of your day, pay attention to your self, and move your body in ways you've always dreamed. We cater to the older dancer (yes, that means you, lovely 25-year-old, and you, experienced in life 60-year-old), and the broad spectrum of average body types & capabilities, as well as those of us who have trouble focusing or advancing in a normal dance or aerobic class. We support the ups and downs of hormonal fluctuations, as well as all walks of life. We are LBGTQ+ positive. In other words, bring it! We are proud to serve you.

**Rest assured we do not consider ourselves the ATS® police nor do we disagree other ATS® instructors during class or otherwise. We are dedicated to Old School vocabulary and are quite happy to play with new forms when not teaching!


  • $15 drop-in
  • $100/10 class punch card, can be used for any class ($10/Class)

No refunds. You are welcome to observe one class at no charge. 

Cash and PayPal easily accepted; other eCash options are happily researched; personal checks in advance also accepted but must clear bank before attending class. Personal message to make arrangements to mail a check. Contact for more information.


- L1 ATS® FUNDAMENTALS No Current Class 
- L2 ATS® COMBOS No Current Class
- L2+ ATS® ADVANCED COMBOS No Current Class
- L3/L3+ ATS® ADVANCED THEORIES No Current Class
- L4 ATS® PANDORA'S BOX No Current Class

- L1+ & Up ATS® Flow No Current Class
- L1+ & Up ATS® You Know the Drill No Current Class
- L1+ & Up ATS® Just Dance! No Current Class
- L2 & Up ATS® Perfecting Performance No Current Class

CLOSED CLASS DESCRIPTIONS: For the beginner student, our ATS® Fundamentals classes offer foundational skills in basic bellydance, counting, body awareness, safety, and musicality, and builds your understanding of the Classic ATS® moves and steps. Basic zilling will also be covered but is not required in this class. 

For the beginner student, our ATS® Fundamentals classes offer foundational skills in basic bellydance, counting, body awareness, safety, and musicality, and builds your understanding of the Classic ATS® moves and steps. Basic zilling will also be covered but is not required in this class. 

For the more advanced student, our ATS® Fundamentals (L1 & L1+) classes provide the Beginner’s Mind opportunity to practice body memory in dance angle, peripheral awareness, lead/follow, zilling, and formations as well as hone your skills in Classic ATS®. It will advance the student from L1+ to L2 more quickly. 

Our ATS® Combos classes (L2 & L2+) are teacher approved only. You will need to have a firm understanding of L1 & L1+ to move to L2, and L2 to move to L2+. Expect to take the classes again, and enjoy the pleasures of knowing what's coming next while participating in classes that are never the same experience twice. There are quite a few new moves explored in L2. L2+ has moves that begin your understanding of advanced ATS® group improv dance.

We are excited about our ATS® Advanced Theory classes (L3 & L3+)! Teacher approved only, you need a good grounding in L2+ for L3, and L3 to move to L3+. As is usual, you'll take these classes a few times before moving on. L3 and L3+ both have new moves, but really, the classes are about a deeper understanding of how to move, cue and communicate non-verbally with your dance partners.

ATS® Flow is "Dancing In The Divine Unconscious" and is a troupe facilitated space to polish your dance flow, with opportunities to dance with L1+ dancers and beyond. 

You Know The Drill! is another facilitated space for tightening up your technique. You will feel most comfortable in this class with L1+ experience and beyond.

Perfecting Performance is a class for folks who are L2 and above. It culminates in a student recital. 

Instructor Qualifications for Andrea Wagnon:

  • 2006-Present, Director of Joined at the Hip ATS® Bellydance Troupe. 
  • 2009-Present, ATS® Certified Instructor.
  • 2009, FCBD ATS® GSI Certified, Carolena Nericccio. San Francisco CA. Certified with the FatChanceBellyDance instructors as peers in class. 
  • 2009, Attended FCBD ATS® Teacher Training 1 & 2. San Francisco CA. 
  • 2010, FCBD ATS® GSI Certified, Carolena Nericccio & Megha Gavin, Bloomington IN. 
  • 2010-Present, Performances with Joined at the Hip dance and drumming troupe. 
  • 2010-Present, Teaching ATS® classes in ATX. 
  • 2011, Semi-Private Class w/ Megha Gavin. Dallas TX. 
  • 2011, Classes with Wendy Allen, Assistant Director of FCBD. Alameda CA.
  • 2012-2013, Hosted Drillhaus ATX.
  • 2015, Continuing Education Units ATS® Workshops (6 hours) with Wendy Allen & Sandi Ball. San Antonio, TX.
  • 2016, 10 year anniversary of directorship.
  • 2016, Co-Directed with Clara Ortiz of Houston ATS® fame; brought two unfamiliar troupes together and group improv'd the opening ceremonies for Crimson Vagabond 2016. 
  • 2014-Present, Teaching current ATS® series.

Joined at the Hip is not a registered Sister Studio®.